South East And Laddakh And Pakistan

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In 1943, he got married with Shareen Amin Begum, who was left by Bhutto to remarry again. Bhutto married again an Iranian – Kurdish woman named Begum Nusrat Ispahani in Karachi on 8th Sept., 1951. His political career mainly started in the year 1957, when the Bhutto became the youngest member of Pakistan’s delegation to UN. In the year 1958, he became the youngest Pakistan Cabinet Minister under President Ayub Khan. He was famous for his demagogic styles of speech, which brought him to national prominence and popularity. His rise in politics and higher echelons of power was due to his mysteriously sharp mind coupled with cunning desire to be on the top of the national politics. His astute political manoeuvrings can be gauged from the fact that on the eve of India-China war in 1962, the rulers of China invited Pakistan to jointly dismember India by attacking on North East and Laddakh and Pakistan from Jammu side in Jammu and Kashmir to grab the maximum territory. Pakistan could fulfil their wish by taking Kashmir and China would grab entire North East to come closure to Indian Ocean. Bhutto disclosed the plan to General Ayub Khan the President of Pakistan but got rebuked for such a loathsome and outrageous suggestion, rather was suggested that Pakistan should have “Joint Defence Agreement” with India. Bhutto was aghast and made a sorry exit, calling Ayub Khan a political bankrupt. Again Bhutto in 1965 after India Pakistan war when learned about India enriching Uranium for

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