South East Regional Palliative Care Service

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In June 2015 Elise Fantin published an article for ABC news entitled, ‘Palliative care services slashed in south east.’ According to this article, a range of cuts were due to be implemented to the South-East regional palliative care service on 1 July 2015. These cuts have since been implemented and as a result there is no longer a head of palliative care; the palliative nursing staff has been halved; all bereavement services for Mount Gambier and Naracoorte have been cut; Bordertown residents have lost a part-time registered nurse and the manager of geriatric evaluation and management (GEM) for the entire region has been removed (Vincent 2015). Country Health SA has blamed these cuts on the end of funding provided by the Commonwealth’s National Partnership Program (Fantin 2015). This is despite the Federal Government providing an additional $1.8 billion in funding to South Australia over the next four years and increasing hospital funding by 19% (Fantin 2015).

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The changes to palliative care services in South Australia represent one of many such cuts that have taken place throughout the country as a result of the increasingly managerialist approach to Australian healthcare. New managerialism arose in the 1980s and is based on the premise that the public sector will work more efficiently if it employs private sector strategies (Grbich 2004; Beardwood, Walters, Eyles & French 1999). This has resulted in a range of cost-cutting…

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