South Gate Environmental Issues Essay

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Environmental issues have arised in the city thanks to it being an industrious city. Pollution in South Gate is a huge problem, as it is placed in the 5 percentile of cities with the most potential health risks (D. Abendschien). Everyday residents face the combined impacts of multiple pollution sources, while also dealing with public agencies that fail to protect their health ( Environmental problems in South Gate are related to the public health of the city. As I mentioned South Gate is home to industrial plants and has a history of industry and construction, which then results to air pollution in the city. In addition, to air pollution, the city is surrounded with two major freeway, the 710 and the 105. Evidence has shown that built environment factors play an important role in supporting healthy behavior and reducing rates of chronic diseases and obesity (D. Abendschien). Many argue that air pollution heightens the risk of obesity and diabetes; in South…show more content…
The city also created parks and open spaces so that people come together and enjoy in activities in the community. Although it has been difficult to engage Latina/os living in South Gate, the city continues to update with events and festivals that go on in the city. Every year people come together and participate in the Azalea Festival every March ( The people of South Gate saw a need in honoring the women who have volunteered and have made efforts in improving South Gate’s image ( An Azalea Queen is crowned each year that has served the community well. This festival reflects and celebrates what is best of the city and honors those who devote their time to making South Gate a better place to live
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