South Korea And The Republic Of Korea

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Research of Country South Korea or the Republic of Korea (ROK) started off as an independent kingdom. Since the Paleolithic period Korea was separated into three different kingdoms until 668AD. Korea unified its three kingdoms and prospered as an independent country, until 1910 when they were occupied by Japani. Korea was not liberated until Japans surrender in World War II in 1945. After Japans surrender the country had to reshape itself again the North began to adopt a more communist government, now known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), whereas the South adopted a Democratic government. The Korean War lasted from 1950-1953 when an armistice or cease fire was declared and the 38th parallel or Demilitarized Zone…show more content…
South Koreas current GDP is at US$1.3 Trillionviii, their GDP raises approximately 8 percent each yearix. Their chief export is refined oil at 9.2 percent and their main import is crude oil at 20 percentx. South Korea has an amazing defense budget due to the tensions between the North and the South, along with a long history of invasionxi. North Korea has repeatedly punctured inter-Korean relations; most recently with their attack on South Korean ships and a disputed island in 2010. Multiple nuclear and missile tests, along with its temporary closure of the inter-Korean Kaesong Industrial Complex in 2013xii. Currently South Korea allocates 2.6 percent of its GDP and 15 percent of all government spending to its militaryxiii. South Korean forces rank 6th in the world with active duty troops, 2nd in number of reserve troops and 11th largest defense budget in the world. They have the 2nd highest number of soldiers per capita in the world,xiv after the DPRKxv. South Korea’s 2015 defense budget has been finalized by parliament at 37.4 trillion won ($33.4B), a 4.9% increase slightly below what the ministry had asked. 11.1 trillion won ($9.9B) is allocated to procurementxvi
With everything that we know about South Korea and its rapidly growing economy, is that one thing is consistent. South Korea is adamant about maintaining its independence and constantly re-enforcing their military-spending and defense budget. I would like to take over to the ROK a
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