South Korean Cuisine Is Unlike Any Other

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South Korean cuisine is unlike any other. South Korea has national pride, being very different from China and Japan and wants to be remembered as independent, therefore their foods tend to be very distinct from other Asian foods.The cuisine consists of very healthy meal items, being varied and usually very spicy. Food is a major part of Korean life, and presentation is key. Red peppers, green onions, garlic, sesame oil, and soy sauce provide powerful aromas to give Korean food that distinct and easily identifiable aroma which stands out among other Asian cuisines. Korean food is remembered as spicy, healthy, and very flavorsome. It’s rich in vegetables with meat only used sparingly, although seafood eaten with dried cuttlefish is one of the most popular snack foods eaten. Koreans eat three meals a day, all very similar, but vary by the number of side dishes. Breakfast consists of up to six, lunch up to twelve, and dinner can have as many as twenty. Side dishes (called banchan) make Korea different from others. Rice is a huge part of the Korean lifestyle and is considered to be a staple on the Korean diet. A popular Korean greeting in the countryside is “PAM-MO-GO-SSO-YO?” It translates as “Have you had rice today?” Each meal consists of rice, along with the kimchi and soup (which doubles as a drink). Every person is served a bowl of rice, and is expected to finish it. The soups served usually contain several ingredients including beef, tofu, mung beans, and
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