South Korean Culture And Its People Have Influenced My Life

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This means hello in Korean. South Korean culture, and its people have influenced my life in many positive ways. Three main aspects of Korean culture have affected me greatly; those being Korean music, Korean language/food, and Korean people. South Korea is such an amazing country and almost everyone there is very hard-working and determined. They have shown me to care more about my personal future and strive to meet my goals by working harder with more motivation. The Korean culture has changed my perspective on life as well.
To start off, Korean music is probably the most interesting thing that I have ever stumbled upon. It all started after I came home from the horrifying jail people call middle school. I first found a Korean music video on a website called Tumblr. That music video was from the Korean boy band named SHINee. I instantly started loving it due to the catchy tune, and of course the cute Korean guys dancing and singing along. After that one video I was hooked. It spiraled down from there, I listened to each one of their songs, bought all their albums, and plastered my bedroom walls with their ridiculously handsome faces. I guess the true reason I was so interested in Korean pop was because of the Korean language. Korean is such a beautiful language therefore the newly found music I listened to made me fall in love with not only the Korean men, but the words they were singing. K-pop inspired me to study Korean to an extent. While I was still in 8th grade I

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