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Screw you guys, I’m going home Ever since 1997, South Park has revolutionized the cable TV scene as a profane and obscene program that isn’t afraid to mock religious, political, and cultural topics and not get away with at least offending somebody. Throughout its twelve seasons, some of the most prominent events in pop culture have suffered the wrath of ridicule from the show’s creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and succeeded in making millions of Americans laugh until they cry. The creative genius behind these cultural and controversial statements has exalted the series to iconic status in our entertainment industry for its satirical voice in each episode. Throughout its ten years on air, South Park has broken multiple political, …show more content…
This satirical genius has evolved from hilarious adventures of four Colorado kids into an episode a week of pure cultural parody with race, politics, religion, and pop culture. The series has never really had much trouble with writing episodes because they leave pop culture do all the writing for them (Harris). They simply put a humorous twist by making fun of a mistake or ridiculous subject that is popular in the media or politics at the time. The most talked about religious bashing from the series came on November 15th, 2005: the Scientologist lampoon, “Trapped in the Closet”. The episode featured Tom Cruise and John Travolta locking themselves in a closet after the suspected prophet of Scientology was not impressed with Tom’s theatrical work which lead into a mockery of the religion and angered scientologists and, more specifically, Cruise.
This episode was scheduled to rebroadcast on March 15, 2006 on Comedy Central, but the airing was canceled without prior notice, and was replaced with "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls”. Reportedly, the channel directors did not air it to avoid a possible lawsuit against the channel by Cruise. Viacom, Comedy Central’s parent company, pulled the episode because Tom threatened to back out of the Mission Impossible III promotional if they didn’t cut the episode (Trapped in the Closet).
Although South Park has been known to

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