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South Suburban Physiology online class title page : Why do you procrastinator so much ! Martell C Williams South Suburban Community College Abstract The problem is that I procrast when it come with school and work.In the past year I didnt do well in this same class end of having to drop the class in the main reason why is because I would wait last minture to do the work or go online. It cause me to be late and I tuned in the assessment last minute. I wait last minute to do everything. My hypotheses is if you follow these easy step you wouldn 't procurator anymore.The methods and steps I use to help me with my stop procrastination is write down my work on a calendar. Break my work into little steps. Then change the area i 'm in if it 's loud ,and I cannot stay focus ; I would go somewhere quiet , so I can get the work done . Most of the time it 's the library for me because it 's so quiet in the library. Create a goal a timeline with deadlines about the work. Eliminate my procrastination pit-stops which mean to us young adults election deceive anything that stop me from doing my work is a pit-stop. Get a friend that inspire to who is going to take action and help you not procurator which its my girlfriend. Ask for help if you stuck on something don 't wait last minute ask your teacher or friend. Write your goals on something look at it everyday. If you want to get this work done write it down look at it everyday until it is finish. Finally Just do it don 't wait

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