South Sudan And The Civil Conflict

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The country we are going to be focusing on is South Sudan. It is located in east-central Africa, north of Uganda and Kenya, and in the west of Ethiopia. It is also south of Sudan, where it originated from. South Sudan and Sudan obviously used to be one country but South Sudan recently gained independance. When the government broke certain promises, a prolonged mutiny began which even resulted in death. On January 2011, a referendum was held, and most of the citizens voted for secession. As a result, Sudan split into Sudan and South Sudan. Although South Sudan has abundant oil reserves, it still struggles with good governance and deteriorating economic conditions. The ongoing civil conflict is also tearing up the social and economic aspects of South Sudan. The population is 11.91 million and the poverty line is 50.6%. This shows that South Sudan has some serious issues with poverty considering over half their population is struggling.. The national debt of South Sudan stands at $972 million and is currently on the rise. As for resources, South Sudan is the most oil-dependent country in the world. They have an abundance of oil available which leads to 98% of their exports being oil. Overall, South Sudan is a new country that has both struggles and strengths. Our goal is to improve pipelines which will help in every aspect including economy and environment. (Suvas) South Sudan is currently facing many problems. Its economic problem is of utmost importance because its economy is

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