South West of China: The Sichuan Province Essay

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In terms of size, Sichuan is the fifth largest province to the southwest of China, and it has two distinct geographical parts. One part lies within the eastern part of the province and is largely characterized by a fertile area known as the Sichuan basin. The western part of the province is characterized by a highly mountainous geography. The eastern part is surrounded by a series of lower mountain ranges from the east, south, and north. The province has a competitive economy that matches that of fully declared countries in terms of GDP and per capita income. By 2008, the province had transacted more than US$ 22 billion in terms of foreign trade, translating into a yearly surge of 53.3%. While these figures are
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This is enhanced by a favorable climate that varies throughout the year to favor the production of different agricultural products at different seasons in the year.
By adopting the role of an executive of Wal-Mart, I will systematically detail the geographical attributes of Sichuan province that make it favorable for foreign investments. This is in addition to explaining why it is plausible for Wal-Mart to set up a store or a factory in the province. This will be done through an analysis of the geographical aspects of the province that suit the establishment of Wal-Mart store given its line of business. For starters, Wal-Mart is a corporation dealing in discount departmental stores that deal in a wide range of merchandise at lower prices than in standard stores. The company has over 6000 stores away from the US with over 800000 employees. These numbers are based in twenty-six countries, most of which are based in Europe, and both American continents.
Geographical analysis of Sichuan In an aim to understand whether Sichuan is a good location for foreign investors, many important aspects must be considered. The geographical positioning of this area is a good indication of how good this area can support business operations, which in turn attract foreign investors to set up their business in this area. The area of Sichuan is believed to be 485000 square kilometers and has its

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