Southafrica 2010

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Jaime Gil de Gomez Martha Velenzuela ENC1101 11/10/2014 South Africa 2010 The 11th of July of 2010, took place at the “Soccer City Stadium” (Johannesburg, South Africa) the final of the FIFA World Cup between Netherlands and Spain. That was a day I would never forget because we became world champions for the first time in our history thanks to a goal of Andres Iniesta during the overtime in the minute 116. But to get to the final we had to suffer a lot. Everything began when a team full of very talented and very shameless players managed to gain the UEFA Euro 2008 against the almighty and fearsome Germany. This fact permitted the whole Spanish people to dream and to ask themselves: Why not? Why not becoming the next national team…show more content…
We played against Paraguay, strong team with very fast and vertical players, they made us play the worst match of the championship because they develop a very solid defensive system which kept us off their goal. The end of the game was close, Paraguayan players were exhausted so the Spain´s coach decided to send the entire team to the offensive and we finally scored and won the match. Germany was the next step to get in to the final. Until then, Germany had realized a very clean championship. They really wanted to play against us to take revenge from what happened two years ago, but the revenge will have to wait. The victory was deserved, we played a very complete game and we beat them in all the facets of the game. Only one bump left for winning the title, Netherland. The final was there, that was the moment that all Spanish people had waited and dreamed for decades. They knew we were better and their head coach didn´t want us to play and dominate the game so he proposed a very violent game full of fouls and aggressive plays which in my opinion can be qualified as extremely violent, but we still following our philosophy of soccer and 120 minutes later Spain was the Champion of the FIFA World Cup 2010. It is amazing to see how a sport can link up a whole country. Everybody forgot about their differences, no matter if you were from the South or from the North, no matter if you supported F.C
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