Southbank Community Intervention Paper

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Community engagement and support
Volunteer workers are welcome to Southbank in many ways. Greet and assist guests coming into the Parklands, provide directional assistance, assist with south bank events are some volunteer activities. Free fitness classes are held at the Southbank for the wellbeing of the people. But the security of the visitors is in challenging level due to some misbehavior activities of a bunch of people. Weekends the site easily get crowded and visitors have complained that there is a risk of their stuff getting stolen. There are some complains that city cycle bikes are stolen by a bunch of peoples.
Economic sustainability
There are many local business premises in Southbank Brisbane. Many events are organized by a restaurant
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Southbank used recycling water for irrigation and water features in the garden.
It can be observed that they have motivated and direct people toward the best practices of waste management. Separate bins for recyclable garbage and other garbage are provided by Southbank.
Further, there are recycling programs for commonly produced waste like fluorescent lighting; batteries; paper products, green waste, oil, glass and aluminum products. They have sent all non-recyclable items to Ti Tree Bioenergy for disposal in an environmentally friendly manner. Bio-friendly products are used for cleaning, landscaping and general maintenance.
As well as Southbank used energy savings lights at the area. They use heat exchanging systems at rain bank to cool the treatment plant without using electricity.
The most highlighted activity at the Southbank is rainwater system. Rain Bank stormwater harvesting project in South Bank Parkland, Brisbane is an important demonstration project for distributed alternative water supplies in Australia, providing an alternative solution for future issues and its highlight the profit and importance of having such solution. It has reduced the usage of main water supply, improves drought security and contributes to a cleaner, healthier waterways (Hamlyn,
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