Southeast Team Master Plan Of Evaluation

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Southeast Team Master Plan of Evaluation A master plan of evaluation serves to meet the expectations standards of academia. The plan is designed to track and measure the success of the planned outcomes and organized around an evaluation model and theory set by the program designers (Keating, 2015). Furthermore, as a systematic and written document, the master plan is usually based on evaluation frameworks, which guide the activities for gathering and analyzing data. The plan provides the tools for continuous evaluation to identify successes and shortcomings of the program (Ellis, 2016). In continuation, this paper will present the third part of the course project outline for the Southeast region curriculum plan. The paper will focus on the evaluation approach that will be used for Tampa General Hospital’s (TGH) 2016 Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Improvement Education for Bedside Nurses Program. The paper will describe the selected curricular components to be evaluated, demonstrate how The Three Cs Model will serve as its framework, explain chosen evaluation strategies, and intentions to seek approval as a continuing education provider and conclude with the basis for the Master Plan of Evaluation. Curriculum Component for Evaluation The five core curriculum components will be evaluated during the execution, and outcome of the designed program to improve HCAHPS scores. All five curriculum sessions encompass the patient’s
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