Southeastern Promotions, Ltd. V. Conrad Case

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Cloe Michaud
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Southeastern promotions, Ltd. V. Conrad

In 1974, the Southeastern promotions, Ltd. V. Conrad case came to the Supreme Court. This came to the court because they believed it violated the First Amendment. The First Amendment protects freedom of religion, speech, press, petition and assembly. In Southeastern Promotions, Ltd. V. Conrad it was argued that Southeastern Promotions was stripped of their freedom of speech because they were denied the use of the Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga, Tennessee to put on the rock musical Hair. The Supreme Court had to uphold the First Amendment while still allowing the theater to keep their reputation of being a family establishment.

Southeastern Promotions wanted to put on the rock musical Hair in the Tivoli Theater. It applied for the use of the theater on October 29,1971. Hair is the story of two hippie men living in the Vietnam Era. The musical had played for three years on Broadway (SOUTHEASTERN PROMOTIONS, LTD. v. Conrad). Throughout the musical there are many instance of swearing, nudity and simulated sex. The Tivoli Theater was know to the citizens of Chattanooga, Tennessee as a family theater and did not want to spoil its reputation. The theater has a board of directors who reviewed each application to use the theater. The Tivoli Theater was privately owned but it was leased to the city of Chattanooga. The city denied the request to put the musical on. This case was first brought to the District Court on the…
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