Southern Company Case Study

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Assignment 4: Southern Company—Case Study Author/Student: Antoine Jean “AJ” Garand Instructor/Professor: Dr. Marie-Line Germain, Ph.D. Course: Talent Management – HRM 532 Date: Sunday, February 26, 2012 Evaluate the effectiveness of the roles that the strategic leaders played in the formation of the performance management strategy. Silzer and Dowell (2010) define Talent Management as “ an integrated set of processes, programs, and cultural norms in an organization designed and implemented to attract, develop, deploy, and retain talent to achieve strategic objectives and meet future business needs” (p. 18). And lists the following as components necessary for a talent management program strategy: recruitment; selection;…show more content…
Consequently, the demand for talent is outstripping the supply. The ability for a firm to create an integrated system that yields a continual flow of talent ready to address specific strategic and operational opportunities may be the single most enduring competitive advantage. While organizations often find that their strategies, products, services, or markets require change, the need to have relevant, differentiated talent to achieve these business goals remains constant (pp. 73-35). Boudreau and Ramstad (2002) propose focusing on “pivotal talent” or the talent where improvements in capabilities will make the most significant impact on competitive advantage. When talent management is integrated into strategic business planning, there is an opportunity to discuss the capabilities and skills needed to execute the plan. This helps leaders create proactive plans to ensure that they have the talent they need to achieve the strategy (p. 7). According to Aguirre, D., Hewlett S. A., and Post L. (2010) the global recession has compelled CEOs to recognize the competitive advantage in the knowledge economy is determined and driven by human capital. People are the only asset that innovates, and innovation is the only path to sustained breakthrough performance. As part of the process of prioritizing critical
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