Southern Cross: The Beginnings of the Bible Belt by Heyman Christine Leigh

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Heyrman Christine Leigh’s “Southern Cross: The Beginnings of the Bible Belt” goes hand in hand with Greenberg Kenneth’s concepts on the depiction of southern men. Both texts present the structural relationship between the social elites and those considered to be at the bottom of the societal pyramid. In this case, slaves held the last place as per the laws by the white people. Heyrman points out that the turn of the century brought changes that shook the south and said changes did not have the perfect qualities that have since been encompassed into America’s history. On the other hand, Greenberg’s ideologies and arguments regarding the American men seem to concur with and attest to all the points made by Heyrman while providing different views to the same. This paper seeks to identify the depiction of Southern white Americans in both books and identify the similarities and differences with the inclusion of societies and northern states.
When the original versions of the books were written, Americans were divided into the northern and southern states because of existing differences in the political and social dogmas. Said division found basis on the issue of slavery with the southerners being pro-slavery because of their massive cotton plantations. On the other hand, the northerners took the anti-slavery position as it adapted to the industrialism that was at the time taking over Europe and gradually advancing towards America. Heyrman presents her findings on the religious

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