Southern Discomfort Case Analysis

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Southern Discomfort Case Analysis Jim Malesckowski remembers the call of two weeks ago as if he just put down the telephone receiver: “I just read your analysis and I want you to get down to Mexico right away,” Jack Ripon, his boss and chief executive officer, had blurted in his ear. “You know we can’t make the plant in Oconomo work anymore, the costs are just too high. So go down there, check out what our operational costs would be if we move, and report back to me in a week.” At that moment, Jim felt as if a shiv had been stuck in his side, just below the rib cage. As president of the Wisconsin Specialty Products Division of Lamprey Inc., he knew quite well the challenge of dealing with high-cost labour in a third-generation, unionized…show more content…
You are to analyze these alternatives and recommend one strategy for implementation. Daft, Richard L. Organization Theory and Design. 7th ed. Cincinnati: South-Western College,
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