Southern Dominion Health Systems Invites The Investment From The Ada Foundation Of $ 5000.00

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Grant Purpose
Southern Dominion Health Systems invites the investment from the ADA Foundation of $5000.00 to improve the quality of oral health through education in our underserved and vulnerable population of Lunenburg County. This grant will be for a one year period.
“Oral health care is not uniformly attainable across the nation” (Fineberg, H, 2011, p. ix). “Unfortunately, individuals who face the greatest barriers to care are often among the most vulnerable members of our society” (Yi, G., Logan, H. L., Dodd, V. J., Muller, K. E., Marks, J. G., & Riley III, J. L. 2014). It has been said that low health literacy may be associated with barriers to accessing care and with oral health behaviors such as seeking preventive care (Ratzan S, Parker R., 2000). It has also been suggested that those with low health literacy are at highest risk for oral diseases and problems (Horowitz, A., Kleinman D., 2012).
“The impact of unmet oral health care needs is magnified by the well-established connection between oral health and overall health” (Fineberg, H. 2011, p. ix). Oral health status is linked with general health, as evidenced by the association between poor oral health and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease. Poor oral hygiene can also lead to other health issues such as, oral facial pain and digestive problems. “The silent epidemic of oral diseases disproportionately affects disadvantaged communities,
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