Southern Gothic Literature Analysis

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“John B McLemore lives in Shittown, Alabama,” Brian Reed quoted. Many people today can relate to some of the problems John faces in S-Town. Most of these problems are derived from southern gothic characteristics within the podcast. The podcast uses many different southern gothic characteristics in order to make it more interesting. Many of the examples of these characteristics are more modern so that they relate to our current society. S-Town is a piece of contemporary Southern Gothic Literature because of its use of social issues, irony, and outsiders. Social issues in Woodstock such as police corruption and poverty can be directly related to current social issues. Themes of honor, betrayal, integrity, and hypocrisy, among others, are central to Southern Gothic Literature. These themes are definitely present in Bibb County. They’re especially present in Woodstock. For example, Woodstock’s police force is very corrupt. This is one of the reasons John emailed Brian in the first place. Brian said “John's heard that a woman has been saying this officer sexually abused her. The guy's still on the force.” A Woodstock police officer was accused of sexual abuse, but nothing happened to him. This definitely shows both integrity and hypocrisy. The accusation was suppressed by the corruption within the police force. This just shows that the police officers have no integrity. They just let a man abuse a woman just because he was their friend. It is also hypocritical in two different
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