Southern Homecare Cost of Capital Case 16 Essay example

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Cases in Healthcare Finance Case 16 Solution Case 16 - 1 CASE 16 SOLUTION (11/17/10) Copyright  2010 by FACHE SOUTHERN HOMECARE Cost of Capital Case Information Type This case is nondirected, in that it does not contain a specific list of questions that students must answer. Rather, the case contains general guidance or concerns expressed by various parties that students should consider when developing their solutions. If you, as the instructor, want to convert this case to a directed case, and hence provide your students with very specific guidance questions, you can make available the applicable questions for this case contained in the Case Questions section of the online material for instructors. Purpose This case…show more content…
Case Solution Because the case is nondirected, there is ample opportunity for students to be creative in their solution approaches. Thus, it is impossible to provide a single solution here that is applicable to every student's work. As a starting point in evaluating students' solutions, we provide a solution that is based on the questions contained in online Case Questions section. It is important, however, to recognize that this solution is merely a starting point, and student work should be graded at least as much on the

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