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Southern Pulp and Paper
In this work I am going to identify the Southern Pulp and Paper’s Toccoa mill problems and issues that are available to mill’s manager Curtis Shelton.

Part 1 In considering the overall process on the pulp and bleached products industry it is always good to start with the main performance objectives and measures. One of the first important issues is the process design and layout. How the process architecture looks like and how well it is designed to fulfill all the required operations would be the most important questions to be asked. As stated in the case study the main problem of the mill appears to be the machines, number 5 and 6. They were in use since 1967 and were quite old, and
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Part 2 In this part I am going to show some improvement techniques, which will help to solve the problems faced by mill’s manager. Firstly, in order to understand the entire process and find its problems it is essential to map the process. Using the Flowcharting technique of process mapping and exhibit #3 of the case study a basic scheme of the overall process should be built. Once the process is sketched it is easier to understand what are the bottlenecks and in which way it could be improved or even redesigned to fulfill the requirements of the system (Slack et al, 1998:701). After having a good understanding of what processes are running in the mill it is then advised to focus on each of them separately. Flow charts can be used for the entire overview of the process improvement. They visually represent the process, identifying the problems and pointing on the participants (material or information flow). The flowchart system can be very basic as well as different approaches could be used such as Burlton’s Transformation Model or Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). BPMN was developed in two versions, a core notation set to use by business people and an extended notation set for automation. It uses a particular symbol set (Harmon, 2007:231). In order to identify the causes of breaks of the machines and to understand how to solve them it’s good to use Cause and Effect also called
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