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According to Marketline, the Footwear Industry is growing at a moderate rate, and the trend is expected to continue. In 2014 footwear, sportswear, and accessory retailers made up the largest proportion of US footwear sales (Marketline). • Buyer Power: Footwear purchases are a necessity for buyers in the market which give the buyer moderate power (Marketline). Even when considering the necessity, economic standings determine the frequency of their purchases, and fashion trends result in differentiation in the market (Marketline). As of now, Southern Training Design is in good standing with the buyer power of the industry due to athletic fashion trends, and moderate economic standings. • Supplier Power: Labor costs have begun to increase in…show more content…
This can be better defined as “fat shaming”. The hiring manager, Lisa Cobbler, claimed she did not hire the applicants for the position because they did not fit the athletic image of the brand. According to your application process, applicants are required to send in pictures of themselves in their favorite athletic wear to show off their fit fashion sense. This requirement upset many applicants because it appeared to emphasize looks rather than experience. As a result of the media outbursts, Southern Training Design’s brand is losing favor in the public eye. The plus sized population is upset with your company for not offering a clothing line specifically for them like other retailers have begun to do. Large portions of your interested buyers are from the overweight populations whom have decided to change their unhealthy lifestyle. Losing their favor could be a huge loss for your company. Southern Training Design must begin to mend the relationships with customers to rid itself of the fat shaming label that has recently been assigned to the company. In order to properly handle this problem, the company must meet the following…show more content…
They recalled the products to make customers happy, asked for the Co founder to step down, and fixed each issue in a timely manner. Had these issues not occurred back to back the actions taken probably would have been more beneficial for the company. The major weakness shown in this case was Lululemon’s lack of interest in diversifying their company’s image. Not offering a plus size clothing line negatively impacted their growth and image. The major strength shown in this case was their quick reactions to fixing and or addressing each issue. If Southern Training Design handled the fat shaming criticism the way Lululemon did then the policy criterion would not be met because Lululemon did not change any of its policies. The diversify criterion would not be met because Lululemon had no remorse for upsetting the overweight buyers and did not begin to diversify their store to accommodate them. The timeliness criterion would be met because every issue was dealt with in a timely manner, typically with in the same month the issue occurred. Lastly, the statement criterion would be met because lululemon did release statements after each issue, but the person giving the statement did not always say the most appropriate things. Overall, just as lululemon attended each matter in a timely manner your company should also. The quick responses to the issues showed their loyalty to their customers. Had they only had one
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