Southwest Airline Case Study

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The paper is about how the airline company named as the Southwest Airlines has been able to cater to the needs of the customers while still holding a greater market share in the Airline industry specifically during the economic crises phase.

Q1: As a high – contact service provider, how does Southwest Airlines ensure that its employees satisfy the customer? As far as the employee training is concerned, the employees are extensively trained so as such to ensure that they are able to satisfy the arising concerns and needs of the customers effectively and efficiently. They are actually made to practically exercise resolving complaints and other service problems on the spot. Moreover the employees
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Bundling gives an edge to accommodate some of the extra charges and help the company as well as the customers. However since the seats are not reserved thus the airline also gives the chance to the passengers to jump forward on the flight, but for this service an amount is charged. Moreover instead of charging higher prices Southwest Airline accommodates the customers’ needs by providing bundles that are valued by the flyers. Some suggestions will be enhancing the expenditure on the advertisements and more promotional activities. The concentration on the actual and the augmented product will help the company in giving something extra and different to the customers. Cutting the costs and lowering prices will help in maintaining the customer demand for the brand product. Product pricing and the core product should be given eminent importance. Possibly, linking with a Public Relations organization will help increase the popularity of the products and services being offered by Southwest Airlines.

Q3: What is Southwest Airline doing to manage the customer’s service expectations? In order to manage the expectations of the customers regarding the services provided by the airline, some new features have been introduced like the “bags fly free” campaign that enables the

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