Southwest Airlines And The State Of Texas

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Back in March of 1967, Southwest Airlines was first founded under a different name, Air Southwest Company, by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher . With his own funds of $500 thousand, Kelleher filed an application with the Texas Aeronautics Commission for the right to fly commercial airplanes in the state of Texas. In February 20th of 1968, the Texas Aeronautics Commission voted unanimously, granting Air Southwest a certificate of public convenience and necessity. The following day, Braniff, Trans Texas (later known as Texas International), and Continental Airlines obtained a restraining order from Travis County District, prohibiting the certificate to be delivered to Air Southwest Company . Air Southwest Company tried to file appeal with the Austin State District Court and the Third Court of Civil Appeals. Both courts ruled against Air Southwest, forcing Herb Kelleher to appeal with the Texas Supreme Court. The Texas Supreme Court unanimously voted to overturn the lower court’s decisions and ruled in favor of Air Southwest . In December of 1970, the United States Supreme Court denied the appeal by Braniff and Texas International to remove Air Southwest certification . In 1983, Winifred Barnum, a children’s author and illustrator, wrote a children’s book based on Southwest’s legal fight called Gumwrappers and Goggle. In Jan 1st of 1971, Lamar Muse joined Air Southwest as the President. In March of 1971, Lamar Muse raised $1.25 million for the company by selling promissory
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