Southwest Airlines And United Airlines

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Mission Statement Analysis
Southwest Airlines and United Airlines have been direct competitors in the airline business for a number of years. As time has passed, we have seen Southwest take a more Servant Leadership minded approach, while United decided upon a more traditional style of Leadership. From their mission statements, along with reviews from flyers and profitability, to the overall culture of the companies, we look to see how these two airlines compete, and which one comes out on top.
Mission Statements
The mission statement is often publically stated and used by almost every organization today. It helps provide basic guidelines, essentially the core values of a company, and what they aim for. A mission statement gives customers
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Not only was the mission statement or core values difficult to find, but the page had a vague title called “It’s how we fly”. The page seemed to assume that the reader should just know what United was about and what they believed. The core values seem placed there simply because it is required, not because they are values followed by the actual organization. Both Airlines include words about customer service and treating them well, but Southwest put it simply and concisely. United seemed more focused on impressing readers with their core values. I believe that the Southwest mission statement impacts the culture of the organization by being a definition of what it should look like. Comparatively, I believe that United’s core values impact the culture very little if not at all.
Southwest Airlines is dedicated to incorporating all servant leadership principles throughout their organization. Accordingly, their mission statement is clear and concise it evidently exemplifies all principles and acknowledges a servant-led organization. Their mission statement embraces their commitment to serve the highest quality of customer service through a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit (Southwest, 2014). Therefore, through Southwest’s’ mission statement it makes it explicitly apparent that they seek to listen and commit to the growth of their people. Southwest empathizes with their employees because they are dedicated to providing
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