Southwest Airlines: Business Analysis

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Abstract In this paper we analyze the 2011 Southwest airline annual and then major an in-depth analysis of its mission and vision. The analysis of how its performance is linked to its mission and vision is also carried out. This is then followed by how its corporate goals are tied to its mission and vision. This paper then presents a competitive and market analysis with the aim of determining the company's strengths and weaknesses. A recommendation on the most appropriate strategy for the maximization of company's profits is then carried out. Introduction Southwest airlines, the largest low-cost carrier in the U.S with its headquarters located in the Dallas, Texas. The airline was started in 1967 and it adopted its current name sometime in 1971.The mission of the company is the dedication to the very highest quality of customer care with a delivery covered with a sense of warmth, individual pride, friendliness as well as company spirit. This mission is dedicated to the giving of ordinary people a chance to fly. The company's mission towards its employees is to provide them with a stable work environment and an equal level of opportunity to spark learning as well as personal growth. The company also encourages innovation and creativity for improving the level of effectiveness of its operations. It does this by providing the employees with equal levels of concern, caring attitude as well as respect. The company's vision is to have a conservative increase in the level of
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