Southwest Airlines Case

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Southwest Airlines Case Study

1. Company Overview
Southwest airlines began in 1967 as a low-cost, low-fare, customer-friendly air service shuttling passengers between San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, Texas. Founded by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher, Southwest moved from a small commuter transport of 18 round trip flights within Texas to a bustling market share leader providing more domestic flights than any other airline within the industry. Within two years of its first flight the airline was able to report profits in a trend that has continued since 1973, despite industry downturns, economic recessions and intense rivalry attacks. No longer the quirky underdog, Southwest has established itself as the low-fare, low-cost industry
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A friendly, fun-loving spirit to customers is key to their competitive advantage. * Corporate Culture Committee promotes “Positively Outrageous Service” * Employees present happy faces to passengers; Display fun-loving attitude; Insure passengers have a positive flying experience * “Extreme gate makeover” improved customers airport experience * Several programs started to intentionally nurture and sustain the southwest culture: Helping Hands, Heros of the Heart Award, CoHearts Mentoring Program, etc. * Monthly newsletter spotlights employees who best embody the Southwest Way Core Values: SWA doesn’t waist their time with a litany of core values. They simply have two that permeate the work environment – LUV and Fun. * LUV – Southwest’s code word for how to treat employees and customers – dignity, respect, demonstrating caring, loving attitude; the Golden Rule is expected of all employees. * Southwest has been in LUV with their customers from the very beginning. * FUN – the spirit in which SWA employees are expected to perform their job; SWA is a big family that love to have fun together; employees are encouraged to go out of their way to entertain their customers, making sure they always leave with a smile. * Employee parties are regular events and costumes are always

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