Southwest Airlines Case Study

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As flying becomes a commodity and as airlines strive to offer the lowest fares possible, Southwest is finding it increasingly hard to distinguish itself from its competition. A proposal has been made to offer a business class on its longer flights. This class would have more comfortable seats, more legroom, and complimentary magazines, movies, meals, drinks and Wi-Fi. A toilet would be dedicated to this section. These passengers would also get priority boarding and de-boarding of flights. If the experiment is successful Southwest would consider rolling out business class on all its flights.
1. What are the operational implications of this proposal?
As we all know, Southwest Airlines in one of the most successful companies in the airline industry. Southwest is known for its low fare flights, no baggage fee and friendly staff. However, since the start of the company, Southwest wanted to differentiate itself from the competitor and offer customers with a variety of different things when comparing it to other airlines. Southwest was the only airline that did not have sits assigned and that was a strategy that was working because it was reducing their turn times. However, a proposal has been made to the company to offer business class for its customer since business class section does not exist in the Southwest planes. Undertaking this new proposal would require a lot of work and planning in order for the proposal to be successful. Southwest would have to update their planes by

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