Southwest Airlines Company Case Analysis

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Southwest Airlines Company
Team B
Kyle Forbes
Cheryl Kessler
Adam Paquette
Nina Scarpino
Louie E. Watson
BADM364-Global Issues
Mount Washington College
July 29, 2014

Cheryl Kessler
Research topic: Southwest Airlines Company is looking to establish a global presence in either Vietnam or Spain. This research paper is to help analyze both countries and to determine which of the two countries Southwest Airlines Company should enter. The second purpose of this research paper is to determine how Southwest Airlines Company should enter the country. This paper proposes to answer four questions: Who is Southwest Airlines Company? What does Southwest Airlines Company do? Which country should Southwest Airlines Company enter; Vietnam, or Spain? How should Southwest enter that country; by investing in a facility, marketing products, or joint venture? The participants are students of Mount Washington College, Global Issues: Business, Government, & Society course BADM364, team B. Team B members are: Kyle Forbes, Adam Paquette, Nina Scarpino, Louie E. Watson, and Cheryl Kessler. Research methods applied include research and discussion to compare and analyze findings to determine which country makes the best fit for Southwest Airlines Co. global business strategy. The data analysis will compare each country’s history, economy, politics, government, culture, demographics, infrastructure, how business is done, and how Southwest has done business in…
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