Southwest Airlines : Competitive Advantage And A Phenomenal Corporate Culture

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Southwest airlines: a unique competitive advantage and a phenomenal corporate culture. Southwest is a people oriented airline that encourages a culture based on friendliness, mutual respect, and spontaneity, compared to other competitors in the industry, Southwest airlines make the difference by its unique efficiency and corporate culture. If we dissect the components of the competitive advantage Southwest have compared to other competitor airlines, here is what we find: Southwest makes the difference in the airline industry through making its workforce always satisfied, low pricing, phenomenal customer service, the airline is known for its high employee productivity and simple rules. “.... Perhaps Southwest’s outstanding performance has been achieved through high levels of coordination among its frontline employee groups. Well coordinated organizations have a competitive advantage through their ability to achieve a higher quality at lower cost by achieving faster cycle times and by providing a more coherent interface to customers…” (The Southwest Airlines way, 2005, p.16) According to Chuck Lucier who is senior vice president emeritus of Booz Allen Hamilton and from a Business & strategy Magazine issue back in 2004, the co-founder and former CEO of Southwest airlines Mr. Herb Kelleher once stated: “...Southwest’s achievements are widely attributed to its relentless focus. From the start, Southwest’s strategy has been to draw travelers not from other airlines, but from

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