Southwest Airlines : Corporate Social Responsibility

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Southwest Airlines
In today’s competitive market, consumers look to companies that not only provide outstanding service and goods, but also, a business that recognizes taking care of its employees, stockholders, consumers and the community as a priority. One company that is consistently recognized for their corporate social responsibility initiatives is Southwest Airlines. Southwest is a successful organization that perfectly blends operational focus with social obligations which translates into increased revenue and customer support. For several years, Southwest Airlines received recognition as one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens by Corporate Responsibility Magazine (Corporate, 2015). Analyzing Southwest Airlines’ commitment to corporate social responsibility will demonstrate the keys to their long-term sustainability.
Southwest’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Southwest is a company with a strong reputation for valuing its employees and it is also gaining recognition as a conscientious steward of the environment. Its heightened awareness of social responsibility is evident in their continued domination of the airlines industry. According to Hughen, Lulseged, & Upton (2014), “Corporate Social Responsibility is a term used to describe an organization’s awareness of its operations’ impact on economic, social, environmental, and governance concerns, as well as the steps it takes to address them” (p. 57). Southwest achieves corporate social responsibility by focusing…
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