Southwest Airlines : Economic Challenges And Depression Essay

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Southwest Airlines (SWA) which was incorporated in Texas, is a leading U.S. low cost airlines that was established by Herb Kelleher and started operations in 1971 with only three Boeing 737aircrafts, and they served only three cities in Texas. After Southwest Airlines acquired AirTran Airways in 2011, it began its international services to three Caribbean destinations which includes Aruba, Bahamas and Jamaica. Today the company has over 50,00 employees and more than 100 million customers, and they serve about 96 destinations in 41 states of U.S. and they are also the largest user of Boeing 737 worldwide with over 700 in service presently and they fly more than 3900 flights a day.
A lot of other companies find it amazing how Southwest airlines has stayed successful over the last 30 years in a very competitive market, while other companies are facing various economic challenges and depression. Herb Kelleher pointed out the two components in his leadership technique that has helped the company to grow over the years to include his ability to identify his potential customers that he is ready to serve and his ability to serve them at the lowest cost possible.
Core Values, Vision, Mission and Purpose The core values of southwest airlines serve as an enduring and guiding principles to all the employees of SWA. Southwest airlines have identified and communicated its core values to their customers and employees and they try to live up to these core values
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