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Case 10.3 – Servant Leadership Takes Flight Southwest Airlines is well known that they have the best customer services. Their Golden Rule is “treat people the way you want to be treated.” The airline’s mission statement is posted every 3 feet at all Southwest locations. For example, one time the weather was bad, so passengers had to be on the plane for a long time. A frantic mother asked the flight attendant to get off the plane just a moment in order to buy food for her hungry toddler. The attendant didn’t let her out but went to buy food for her child instead. She came back to the plane with food for her kid and other four children as well. This flight attendant not only took care of some frantic parents and their screaming children…show more content…
He believed that customers would be treated nicely if employees are happy. Therefore, he followed what his mission by treating everybody fairly and allowing employees to be themselves. He employed a collaborative approach to management that involved his associates at every step. He also supported his followers such as Colleen Barrett. He was her mentor and empowered her to finally become a president of the airline. Herb always treated Colleen as equal to him although she was from rural and had no formal training in aviation. On the other hand, Colleen also had servant leader behaviors which are conceptualizing, emotional healing, helping followers grow and succeed, and empowering. These behaviors were shown through her Golden Rule – treat people the way you want to be treated. She treated her employees based on what she wanted customers to be treated. She understood Herb’s mission and was able to deliver it to employees. During the time that Colleen was a president of Southwest Airlines; the company trained and treated their employees with touchy-feely attitudes, and it also created a good environment in a workplace. Employees are encouraged to be responsible and are given authority to make decisions. Both Herb and Colleen served their employees very well. They encouraged their employees to be

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