Southwest Airlines : Global Market

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Southwest Airlines is globalizing their company in order to reach a bigger market, and become competition for other companies. Southwest Airlines has already conquered the domestic market beating American Airlines, United, and Delta according to Fortune. Access to a new market is what motivated Southwest to globalize, they are expanding to the south of North America, with their new assets found in their acquired airline AirTran Airways (LeBeau, 4) . Southwest Airlines has brought low rates and a great experience to the domestic market, which was warmly received, they now plan to dip into global market to bring better service to all.
Southwest Airlines has recently acquired AirTran Airways, which was a global company, this acquisition it put Southwest in a great spot to expand to the global market. Southwest is integrating the AirTran Airways international stops in Aruba, Jamaica, the Bahamas with their original domestic stops in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Orlando starting July 1st 2014 according to an article in US Today. Next they are looking to service 6 Latin American destinations including Belize City, Cancun, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and San Jose del Cabo/ Los Cabos starting in October 2015 (Zacks Equity Research, 1-2). These Latin American destinations are strategic because they are close to Southwest’s headquarters in Dallas TX, and they are prime vacation spots (Jones, 3). This will give more people a cheaper way to vacation, and bring more people into these…
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