Southwest Airlines, Global Positioning System : Humans Is Driven By Competition And The Pressures Of Conflict

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Facebook, Southwest Airlines, Global Positioning System: humans have succeeded in creating all of these household names. Due to our ability to develop things like these we, as humans, like to think of ourselves as the most developed creatures on the planet. Our ability to control the world around us is more powerful than any other creature and is what makes our society so predominant. Is the power of humans due to our ability to cooperate with each other, or is it due to our ability to look out for ourselves? Although human inventions are important, the motives behind these inventions are even more important. The Internet, aviation, and radar are now considered everyday items, however they were originally created to assist in warfare. The advancement of humans is driven by competition and the pressures of conflict, emphasizing that our power is due to our ability to look out for ourselves rather than our ability to cooperate with each other. Although it would be easier to believe that human behavior is moral, the harsh truth is that in the state of nature humans are competitive and selfish. The competitiveness of humans can be seen through the fact that government coercion is necessary, the history of humanity was at a state of continual warfare, and that evolution has shown that our predecessors needed aggression to survive.
The question of the morality of humans’ state of nature has long been researched, however a definite answer fails to exist. The state of nature is
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