Southwest Airlines Mission Statement Analysis

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Mission Statement Analysis: Servant Leadership and Standard Leadership Models
The mission statement is important for both companies. A mission statement tells a story of what the company stand for and how strong they feel about taking care of the customer. The purpose and drive how these two great successful companies.
Southwest Airline company follow a practice servant leadership model versus Coca Cola who practices standard leadership model. Two big company share two different leadership models but are both successful. It’s interesting to know about their model’s similarities and difference and how they impact each. Comparing the servant leadership model, which means they believe taking care of the employee’s first, to Coca Cola who
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The impact statement for Southwest Airline gave the culture a purpose to reward employees on their selfless services.
The Coca Cola servant leadership have six values that are implicitly apparent to mission statement. Leadership is the first value to give courage, to help shape the company. Collaboration is second value combine all the knowledge into the company to make them successful. Accountability is third value that make everyone just do their job. Passion to committee in heart and the mind, to help others. Diversity to take care of their brand no matter what. Quality is last value for Coca Cola to do things right the first time.
Coca Cola is servant – led company that make sure that they serve the people first. They work on ways to make their company better by change from oil made bottle to plant made from bottle(Ignatius,2011,). The purpose to be a servant – led company is to serve the standard against which it weighs out great action to help with decision making.
The Southwest Airline servant leadership have values that are implicitly apparent to mission statement. The culture of Southwest Airline started with Colleen Barrett, known to the company has the Queen of Culture or Mom to the employee’s (Coop, L, T,2007,). She started out has a legal secretary in 1967. Her job was to organize paperwork and put things in order, but it changes and made Southwest Airline one the best job to work for.
Mrs. Barret brought sense to the company that you
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