Southwest Airlines Mission Statement

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Southwest Airlines was founded and incorporated in 1971 in the State of Texas by Herb Kelleher and Rollin King. These two men identified a target market of potential customers serving the Dallas, Houston and San Antonia regions who would normally drive rather than fly to locations that was less than 500 miles (Smith, 2004). Therefore, Southwest first home office was in Love Field, Texas, which was befitting as the organization’s name on the New York Stock Exchange is LUV, emphasizing their “love” for their employees and customers as a core behavior of the organizational culture (Klein, 2012). After forty-six years in business starting with 4 planes, the airline has now accumulated a fleet of 723 Boeing 737 aircrafts, serving 101 locations, in 40 states, including Puerto Rico, and internationally, Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rico, Belize and Cuba (S&P Capital IQ, 2017). Moreover, this airline of almost 56,000 employees, is considered one of the worlds most successful airlines, generated close to 21 billion in revenue for 2016, and has been dethroned from the largest passenger carrier airline in the world to the fourth, due to industry mergers
(Thomas, 2015).
Mission Statement Kelleher and Rollin’s original core strategy were to offer the frequent traveler, low cost fares, and a quality travel experience as they empowered each employee with autonomy to make decisions avoiding bureaucratic channels (Thomas, 2015).
In 1980, the
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