Southwest Airlines: New Challenges

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Southwest Airlines: New Challenges According to the Southwest Airlines Case Study, it can separate the answer into 4 parts as follows: Q 1-1 ⋄ ENTP and ENFP There are many positions in Southwest Airlines such as aircrew, pilot, officer, steward, etc. Each position has own suitable personality types. For example, steward and stewardess should to be extravert person who have sociability because they have to contact other people and can serve customer all the time. Pilot should to be thinker because they have to control the airplane by use less emotion in decision making and use logical thinking. They have to focus on facts and data to analyze the problem correctly. However, there are some personality type that suitable for Southwest…show more content…
So people in this type will follow the others. And these people will not express their emotions too much. • Attitude Type A & B These employees tend to be Type A person because they have to work harder and love to competitive. They also are hyperactive and perfectionist. In conclusion, there are 2 types of people that suitable for work with Southwest Airlines which are ENTP and ENFP. This is because their personality type can adapt to any positions in Southwest Airlines when compare with the corporate culture of Southwest Airlines. By the way, the most suitable personality type for each position always different. It has to check in detail for each position. ENTP and ENFP is only guideline when check in big picture. Q 1-2 ⋄ Terminal Value and Instrumental Value • Terminal Value when Southwest Airlines was growing. Following to the Southwest Airlines case study, we know that a one thing that makes Southwest Airlines different from the competitor is cost leadership in the business. It effects to the employees to have lower salary. But in the same time, they get the compensation by job security, profit-sharing and stock option. This compensation becomes terminal value of employees that consist of job security and make more profit to the company. This is because they expect to work for a long time until retirement with Southwest Airlines. They don’t want to change their job. They don’t want high salary with high risk of work. So
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