Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines
Over 35 years ago, Rollin King and Herb Kelleher decided to create a different type of airline. They began with the simple notion: If you get your passengers to their destinations when they want to get there, on time and at the lowest possible fares, and make darn sure they have a good time doing it, people will fly your airline. They were right (Southwest Airlines, 2004)!
What began as a small Texas airline has grown to become one of the largest airlines in the United States. Today, Southwest Airlines flies over 70 million passengers per year to more than 62 cities. Southwest orchestrates over 3,000 flights per day. The Southwest fleet consists of over 436 jets which have an average age of nine years old. Included in
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In 1984, for the fourth consecutive year, Southwest was ranked the number one in Customer satisfaction. Spirit, the in-flight magazine, celebrated its 13th year of flying high and Southwest unveiled the first 300 series aircraft in its Boeing 737 fleet, it was christened the "Spirit of Kitty Hawk". Services to the Midwest cities of St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois were added in 1985. The Ronald McDonald House was named the primary charity. Southwest Airlines was established as the most convenient point-to-point carrier nationwide with the launching of the "Just Say When" campaign (p.3). In 1986, Southwest celebrated 15 years of low fares, good times and high spirits! Fun Fares were introduced with over 13 million passengers having flown Southwest. In 1987, Southwest celebrated the sixth year in a row as the recipient of the Best Consumer Satisfaction record of any continental U.S. carrier. The prices of Fun Fares were reduced by up to 25% and Weekend Fun Packs (which includes round trip airfare and hotel) were introduced. By doing it smarter, Southwest Airlines does it faster, cheaper and has more fun than any other airline! In 1988, Sea World of Texas and Southwest teamed up to promote the State of Texas as a major tourist attraction. Through the "New Friends" campaign, Sea World of Texas named Southwest as its official airline and

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