Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines is a passenger airline based out of Dallas, Texas that provides air transpiration throughout the United States. Southwest is currently the 6th largest U.S. airline based on revenue. It currently has more than 3,100 flights in 73 cities, making it the largest U.S. carrier passenger airline. They provide good options, such as early check-in, hotel packages, car rental, and free luggage up to two bags, which are one of their techniques to provide bad news to the customers.
Southwest Airlines is the largest carrier in the United States and they get the high satisfaction ratings of the country’s best customer service providers from business week’s ranking. The reason why they
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The following are various buffer possibilities A) Start with the part of the message that represents the best news. B) Show that the reader is important and cared. C) Provide objective information that introduces the bad news.
The most important aspects of delivering negative messages are explaining the reasons and how to increase the benefits. In developing audience benefits and building goodwill, we should increase new value and better features, make it more efficient or make customers’ lives easier. Southwest got high performance from USA airlines services. When flight was delayed, Southwest Airlines will inform their customer directly by appropriate ways. Moreover, Southwest Airlines will give promo code discount or free one-way tickets when any flight was cancelled. Therefore, customers feel happy and satisfied even when they face the problem because they have another thing to compensate such as give cards, cash back, VIP cards, and so on. Moreover, Southwest Airlines will offer more options that make each customer more convenient. When customers reserve the tickets and then they have a late flight. Southwest Airlines provides the option that customers can fly early if another flight is available. "Customers will hear an announcement in the gate area and will be able to purchase an available [early] boarding position via credit card from a customer service
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