Southwest Airlines Strategic Planning Final Course Project

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Keller Business School of Management HRM 594 Staffing Organizations Professor Burnell Carden
August 24, 2013

Introduction The intent of this paper it to define critical concepts of strategic planning with Southwest Airlines (SWA) top management and how their organization pursued choices and different strategies to run the business by using superior performance employees that gave them a competitive advantage over their competitors. I will concentrate on the thirteen strategic staffing decisions that are critical for any organization to be successful. I will also emphasis the knowledge, skills, abilities, and others (KSAOs) relative to the staffing process and how the company teaches these skills to the employees.
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SWA is constantly hunting and seeking the most interesting talented applicants who are suitable for training, development, job advancement and job security. They believe in succession planning as the pipeline to leadership and high performing personnel. (Charan, Drotter, and Noel, 2001). They look for people who want to advance in their career and have fun. In 1971, the first advertisement for SA hostesses was “Attention, “Rachael Welch: You want a job?” “You can have one if you measure up.” Colorful boarding announcements and songs are frequently used in place of no video. The best employees are the ones that are outgoing and also make SWA look good. SWA employees are not the highest paid individuals. Most are paid substandard wages but look at the long term for job enrichment and training in able to move up. “The war for talent and talent retention can be won through an aggressive career development plan that benefits employee and company alike” (Rodrigues, 2007).
Threats –SWA worries are about rising taxes, fuel costs, the cost of operations, rising labor costs and threats from unionized flight attendant’s, passengers increased security costs, and inability to make long-term strategic plans. Competitive factors from surface transportation were an issue with SWA in its short-haul flights. Customers can use private automobile transportation for a short run and that worries SWA

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