Southwest Airlines : Strategic Planning

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Southwest Airlines Co., originally named Air Southwest Co., was founded March 16th, 1967. Today their headquarters is located in Dallas, TX and they employ over 46,000 people. Southwest Airlines current fleet size is 689 Boeing 737s. The currently operate out of 97 different destinations and continues to expand their service area. The first flights of this airline company only flew within the state of Texas. Their reason for having a limited flying area was to avoid federal regulations. Competitors such as Continental Airlines, Trans-Texas and Braniff, were not in agreement with the geographical area in which Southwest was choosing to flying. These three airlines began legal action against Air Southwest Co. claiming that their actions were no legal. After a few years of court litigation, the U.S. Supreme Court stood in agreement with Air Southwest Company and supported them in keeping their service flights within Texas. Since the airlines establishment, they have continued to see record growth year after year. With strategic planning, as recent as 2011, Southwest Airlines purchased Air Tran Airways. It has been because of their mission, objectives, tactics, and strategy that they are now the largest low priced airline carrier in the world. Southwest Airlines main product is to provide low cost air travel to passengers that are traveling on business and those that are leisure travelers. This airline focuses on making their customers travel experience
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