Southwest Airlines Strategy Implementation Analysis

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Southwest Airlines Strategy Implementation Analysis Executive Summary Southwest Airlines has clearly implemented one of the top operational strategies in the entire industry over the last few decades. It has claimed countless awards and recognitions for items such as employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, profitability, as well as being able to command some of the lowest operating costs in the industry. Even though Southwest Airlines has achieved a level of excellence that is rare in almost any industry, it will face an increased number of challenges and risks in the coming years since the airline industry, in general, is facing rising fuel costs, less demand, and many environmental concerns. Therefore Southwest will have to remain flexible in approach to overcome many new obstacles. Southwest's Strategy Southwest strategy can really be summed up in a single word; simplicity. The operational strategy has made continuous efforts to maintain simplicity throughout all of the various organizational processes. One example of this effort can be made by the way that Southwest handles passenger seating. Instead of having reserved assigned seating, Southwest lets passengers board and find seating as they wish. Furthermore, many customers identify with the self-seating system because the reserve seating system does not really add much value to many consumer segments in the industry. Rather, these segments prefer the appeal of low-cost airline services above and beyond

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