Southwest Airlines : The Nation 's Largest Carrier

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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s most recent data, Southwest Airlines in terms of originating domestic passengers boarded, is the nation 's largest carrier. The Company operates the largest fleet of Boeing (B-737) aircraft in the world. Most of these aircrafts are equipped with satellite-based Wi-Fi providing gate-to-gate connectivity while over the United States. That connectivity enables Customers to use their personal electronic devices (PEDs) such as smart phones like iPhones and Galaxy, tablets such as iPads and the surface as well as other personal devices to access streaming music provided by Beats Music. Customers are also able to watch video on-demand movies and television shows, as well as nearly twenty …show more content…
It has and will continue to work extremely well for them; they are globally recognized for their customer service! Southwest Airlines was named number fifteen by Glassdoor for best place to work for in 2015. Also, they are the only airline to be recognized and is the top ranked company within the travel industry to receive this reward (Knowncrew member). They have gained many benefits and competitive advantages by using their core business data. They were ahead of the game and have been using big data long before it was even know as big data.
They use and apply big data through various departments or their organization in order to ensure that they continue to give the highest quality of customer service. Big data is also used by southwest to improve air safety. Southwest Airlines works with NASA on a text mining data project, used now in their everyday safety operations, such as the checklist pilots must go through every time they prepare the plane for departure, descent and arrivals. Planes generate 2.5 billion terabytes of sensor data annually; southwest text mines this data, called FADAP (Flight Data Analysis Program) and is a part of FOQA, (Flight Operational Quality Assurance) which records all parameters of flight, including things such as reports from pilots, pilot control inputs and all other actions in the air
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