Southwest Airlines : The Values Based Firm Looks Like

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Southwest Airlines None of the Southwest’s competitors can completely copy what Southwest is doing, because Southwest is a values-based firm. Southwest’s strategies can be imitated, but Southwest’s culture cannot be copied. I would like to explain what the values-based diverse firm looks like, how Southwest is values-based diverse, and why Southwest’s culture cannot be copied. The following are the relevant facts, the analysis, and justification using supporting evidence. What the values-based firm looks like In Cascio’s book, he explains, “The values-based approach begins with a set of fundamental values that are energizing and capable of unlocking people’s human potential – values such as fun, fairness, challenge, trust, respect, community, and family” (Strategic Human Resource Management, P.44). The management invents the strategies for management policies and practices that are consistent with these values on a day-to-day basis. Southwest fits in Cascio’s criteria of the values-based firm. The following are the case details: How Southwest is a values-based firm There are interesting facts that Southwest’s approaches to business are based on fun, trust, community, and family. For example, at Southwest, there is little cross training except for only two formal teams: the marketing and reservations department. This means that Southwest promotes mingling with the employees for informal networking and helping each other out, in spite of their job assignments. “Flight
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