Southwest Airlines and Gary Kelly

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Case Analysis Southwest Airlines and Gary Kelly
Oscar A. Anzaldua
Davenport University

Southwest Airlines Company is a well-known low-cost American airline that offers excellent customer and employee service. As of 2009 Southwest is the largest airline company in the world that carries the most number of passengers and it is the third largest passenger fleet of aircraft among the world’s commercial airlines. It also boasts the highest number of customers than any other airlines in the United States. This data come from the U.S. Department of transportation’s Bureau of transportation Statistics. Given the above information, Southwest has been posting profits for the past 37 years [3]. The reason why Southwest has been able to cope
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Southwest expects its employees to come up with initiatives and to have candid meetings of frontline employees and managers [4]. The company expects its managers to spend at least a third of their time walking around the facilities and interacting with employees and customers to obtain data on how Southwest can improve. An interesting fact is that approximately 80 to 90 percent of Southwest’s supervisory positions were filled internally meaning that Southwest give promotions to it’s employees instead of hiring someone who would know little of Southwest’s philosophy. The company also promotes developing leadership and communication skills for low-level management as well as providing training in every department for a 6-month period to up and coming leaders [4]. The purpose of training employees for their jobs is to have a sense of confidence and unity. Unity and teamwork in a company allows for better business. Teamwork in sync will provide fluidity in any problem that presents itself in any business. Lately, there hasn’t been any harsh problems with the airline company, but in 2008, Southwest was hit with a multi million fine because of safety problems. According to a CNN article, Southwest “pressured the Federal Aviation Administration to keep out an inspector who noticed the problems. [2]” The problem was that Southwest

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