Southwest Airlines 's Largest National Airline Company

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Southwest in brief: Southwest Airlines is the US’s largest national airline company. As the first airline company, Southwest is best known for its e-commerce website which positions the company as a digital pioneer in the US airline industry. Southwest only sells flight tickets from its own website, not from other third parties’ websites. Southwest also has its own mobile application for Southwest customers. The mobile application features flight status, check-in, book and manage travel, and special offers. Southwest Airlines has 10 owned media channels. They are: website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Flickr, Linkedin, blog and the mobile app. Amongst these owned media channels, website, Facebook, Twitter,…show more content…
Mostly, only existing and loyal customers use website and mobile app for purchase. In the OOBE stage, Southwest offers rapid reward system to encourage its customers to continue using Southwest airlines. Moreover, Southwest offers call center in two languages: English and Spanish. Talking about the CDJ framework, there are five stages of customer’s decision journey: consider, evaluate, buy, enjoy, advocate and bond. In consider stage, many airline’s brands will come across a customer’s mind. Through social media and TV commercials, Southwest tries to be the first choice for US domestic flights. In evaluate stage, the customer will do research about the brand and the offer by searching online via website and rating website/blog and searching by asking family and friends about the brand. In buy stage, customer can only purchase flight ticket from Southwest’s website and mobile app. This is the stage where customer would usually turn off the relation they have with Southwest and go on with other airline companies because customer got used to retailer website like Expedia and Kayak or search engine like Google. In enjoy, advocate, bond stage, customer will advocate the brand through their personal social media accounts or rating blog if they enjoy and satisfy with the overall services that Southwest offered. On the other hand, the customer will sever ties with Southwest Airlines should he/she be disappointed by the provided services. The benefit here is that if the
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