Southwest Equipment Corporation ( Nec ) Acquired Capital Mortgage Insurance Company ( Cmi ) Essay

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Northwest Equipment Corporation (NEC) acquired Capital Mortgage Insurance Company (CMI). Jim Doland and Frank Randall, respectively senior vice and company president of CMI transform the company into an ancillary of its buyer. Moreover, CMI 's existing trade is centered on mortgage insurance. To that end, the company deals with banks and lending institutions. Added to that, CMI wants to extend its activities in the real estate market. With this in mind, the mortgage company wishes to acquire Corporate Transfer Services in Chicago (CTS) to compete with Merrill Lynch, leader of mortgage in the marketplace.
Elliot Burr manages CTS, a real state company based in Chicago. Burr’s company provides relocation services to diverse companies all over the country.
CMI retains key employees to handle CTS’s current business interests, and to encourage a good affiliation with CTS founder, Elliot Burr. That will help them to ease the negotiation process.
Case Study Analysis
More often than not, people or organizations negotiate to come to a bargain. The process is about give and take ahead of decisions. Thus, the goal of successful negotiation is to obtain a fair outcome, including value and risks, for all parties involved. To achieve such a goal, negotiators have to keep clean and honest relationships. Di Frances supports this idea assuming “successful negotiation is an art, not a science. The three most important concerns and elements in any negotiation are the
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