Southwest Orchestra Concert Report

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On Sunday February 5, I went to Southwest International Honor band and Orchestra festival in Atkinson recital hall in the Music center of New Mexico State University. The first band I was the Southwest orchestra with students from all over New Mexico and Ciudad Juarez. Their conductor for the band was GRAMMY research award winner Erik Johnson. The band is did go in order of the program and started off with different piece not listed on the program. But the way they start was amazing for just younger students. This piece was a calm piece and slowly started to forte later on in the piece. The rhythm the bass players keeping amazing rhythm throughout. Because they did this piece on their own with the conductor coming out yet. I wish I remember the name of the piece. After this piece the conductor finally came out they started off with “Themes from Moldau composed by Bedrich Smetana (1824-1930)”. The piece was calmer as well. You could…show more content…
The piece was very upbeat and well fast pace. As for Criantemi was opposite of the other piece. The emotion can off as sad. The tempo was slow and through the piece each section with crescendo and decrescendo throughout the piece as well. Make the piece sadder but yet suspenseful. It was differently song compared to the other ones on the program. This one really stuck out. The other piece they had play was “Capriol Suite composed by Peter Warlock” this one I think the as a whole band there time was very good in this piece. For the orchestra I think was the one piece where I could hear the each section of the orchestra. I was a piece that complimented each and every player in that recital that day. This piece was always a very calm piece, a lot more piano than forte. When they did forte in the piece the transition was
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