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SOUTHWESTERN ASSEMBLIES OF GOD UNIVERSITY Hermeneutics BIB3483 – 256 _ SP17 Professor: Phill Parris, M.Div. [Historical Analysis] STUDENT DATA Name McKenzie Eller E-mail Phone 706-491-9443 Semester Spring 2017 Date 2/15/17 What’s the Why? The book of Galatians was written for the simple reason to clear up the truth of the gospel. Shortly after Paul left the church of Galatia, an unknown person or ‘people’ came to the church and led them to believe otherwise. The church of Galatia, being brand new was thrown off by the idea that they were living an immoral life, and immediately changed what they were doing to fit what the people or persons taught this. The thought of having the…show more content…
The South Galatian theory holds the strongest with the stance that it was one of the churches Paul began on his initial missionary journey. While there is no scripture to back up that the North had churches truly established according to Acts, the South had churches planted. One of the major reasons South Galatian is supported is because of the fact that it is on the journey Paul had to take to get to his home, Tarsus. The reason this theory is important is because of the cultural differences we see presented, as the Northern Galatians would tend towards heavy roman actions. Also the fact that they are under such extreme Jewish influences shows that they are very unlikely to live in the North vs. the South, because Jews were more prevalent in the Southern region. There are 2 very contrasting ideas as to when the epistle was written. One theory states that it was written in the early stages of Paul’s ministry and the other states it was probably one of the last letters that Paul ever wrote . There is no indicator at all as to when this book was written, but most scholars believe that it was written around 49 A.D., considering that during the letter Paul mentions the council.” Fortunately, the primary thrust of Paul’s argument is clear enough and does not revolve around our ability to identify the setting with precision2 .” Culture Until Jesus died on the cross and fulfilled the new covenant, the Jews were
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